2017 PolyU Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards Ceremony

(Hong Kong Economic Times 2017/06/05 A23) Celebrate researchers’ achievements in knowledge transfer and acknowledge long-term industry and community partners The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has not only dedicate itself in delivering knowledge, but also work on knowledge transfer to meet the ever-changing needs of the society. Over the years, PolyU has outstanding achievements on knowledge[…]

NanoPoly and Bank of Taiwan together bring the Nanofiber Mask to the Public to breath healthly

(Taipei, December 14, 2016) Avalon Nanofiber and Hamstec Biotechnology, the leading player in the development and application of nanofiber technology, has successfully commercialized and introduced the brand-new product “NanoPoly Nanofiber Mask”. It’s recognized by “Bank of Taiwan” to adopt the new masks as the customer giveaway of health-protection. Its design adapted some of the traditional[…]