Avalon and Hamstec Revealed Innovative Nanofiber Applications in the 12 th World Filtration Conference


Avalon Nanofiber and Hamstec Biotechnology, the leading player in the development and application of nanofiber technology, revealed the latest patented technology and innovative applications of nanofiber in the “12 th World Filtration Conference.” It was one of the most anticipative exhibitors in WFC 12th because it was one of the very few companies that commercialize the nanofiber production. This was attributed to the cooperation of academic & industry from talents of Taiwan and Hong Kong as a new biotech startup.

The 12th World Filtration Conference, April 11th to 15 th 2016, was co-organized by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) and National Taiwan University, Chung Yuan Christian University and Tamkang University. It had two major activities including “Exhibition” and “Congress”. There were 180 exhibitors from 14 countries and 113 companies. Held in Taipei International Convention Center, the World Filtration Congress was one of the most significant academic conferences with regard to the filtration and separation fields and there were 400 seminars and 361 papers. The seminar topics included Solid-liquid Separation, Aerosol Filtration and Separation, Air Filtration and Gas Separation, and Membrane Procedures. Dr. Henry Feng, the Chairman of the Hamstec Biotechnology, said “Avalon & Hamstec have developed a number of leading patented technologies and will endeavor to commercialize these technologies to the market; we are honored to be invited to present the “Multilayer Nanofibers Filter” to experts from industry, government and academia in the WFC Seminar on the 14th . This is to share the outcome of our research and application with the audience and work together to enhance human health and well-being.”

Avalon and Hamstec are the members of Avalon Biomedical Management Group. Through the collaboration,
Avalon and Hong Kong Polytechnic University work together on the subject of “multilayer nanofiber technology” in Hong Kong. In Taiwan, Hamstec and the “Textile Industry Research Institute” developed the commercialization and application of nanofiber patents acquired from HK PolyU. Dr. Henry Feng, also the CEO of Avalon, said “Avalon and Hamstec have been involved in the development and application of nanofiber for a long time. For the first time, we reveal the applications of the two patents: “Nanofiber Filter Facemasks and Cabin Filters” and “Multilayer Nanofiber Filter” with 4 different filters of “Avalon, Chitosan, Anti-bacteria and Multilayer” in the WFC 12th.”

Due to the problem of air pollution and the outbreak of influenza, the public and the media pay high attention
on the medical materials with epidemic prevention.

Dr. Feng, Chairman of the Hamstec Biotechnology, mentioned “It’s a Win-Win situation through the collaboration between industry and university. The “Multilayer Nanofiber Mask” will be the first commercial product based on this technical platform and it’s suitable for medical personnel and the general public. We are looking forward to the accomplishments by Hamstec and TTRI so we can introduce the brand-new products of “High Efficiency” and “Low Pressure Drop” to the consumers.

The WFC is held every four years. It was first held in France in 1974 and the 6th WFC was in Japan, the only one from Asia. Taiwan won the host of WFC 12. The event had 3,203 visitors including the lecturers, guests, exhibitors and sponsors from 34 countries. Many guests visited “Avalon & Hamstec” booth and expressed strong interests in cooperation on nanofiber applications. Hamstec also participated and introduced the impressive research results in the 12th Academic Exchanges of Heterogeneous Separation and Technology Exchange Conference of Filtration and Separation held in Xiamen, China in 2015.