NanoPoly and Bank of Taiwan together bring the Nanofiber Mask to the Public to breath healthly

(Taipei, December 14, 2016)

Avalon Nanofiber and Hamstec Biotechnology, the leading player in the development and application of nanofiber technology, has successfully commercialized and introduced the brand-new product “NanoPoly Nanofiber Mask”. It’s recognized by “Bank of Taiwan” to adopt the new masks as the customer giveaway of health-protection. Its design adapted some of the traditional elements of old banknotes.

Due to the problem of air pollution and the outbreak of influenza, the public and the media pay high attention on the medical materials with epidemic prevention. Therefore, Hamstec and Avalon embrace the idea that the public shall have better choice of protective products, thus introduce “NanoPoly Nanofiber Mask” to the market. The product line includes “T-shaped Type” and “3D Type (Adult & Children)”. It is one of the very few companies that commercialize the nanofiber production together with product differentiation. This was attributed to the cooperation of academic & industry from talents of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

There are five characteristics of NanoPoly Nanofiber Mask.

  1. “High Efficiency Protection” because it’s made with ultra-fine nanofiber layer to provide strong protection and block out harmful substances in the air. The “double layers nanofiber” will provide double protection with high filtration efficiency. Moreover, the “Particle Filtration Efficiency” is over 98.75% and the “Bacteria Filtration Efficiency” is over 99.9%.
  2. “Innovative Patents and User-friendly Design”. The advantages include “Patented Design”, “Super breathable and snug-fitting” and “Very comfortable and secure”. It has better breathability compared to other high efficiency masks.
  3. “Manufactured in Taiwan with High-quality”. The masks are developed with R&D patents by Hong Kong
    Polytechnic University & TTRI and 100% manufactured in Taiwan
  4. “Guaranteed by Quality Inspection and 3 rd -Party certificates” by patented in China, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Germany; and also passed SGS and TTRI tests.
  5. “Reasonable Price with superb Performance” because of the high-quality products with better filtration efficiency. Furthermore, it’s price is reasonable and affordable compared to other nanofiber brands.

Avalon and Hamstec are members of Avalon Biomedical Management Group and focus on the science and technology of health and medical products. They have licensed several patented technologies and are working to commercialize these technologies. The current pipeline includes the applications of nanofiber in filtration.