Meltblown Fabrics and Nanofiber Composites

Material Property

It’s a composite material using “meltblown” as main substrate together with nanofibers.
The first layer is “meltblown” for the purpose of pre-filtering and to improve the volume of dust capacity.
The “nanofiber layer” is to enhance the overall filtration efficiency.
The composite filter can fully meet the requirements of air filtration performance.
The dust will be intercepted first by “meltblown”; meltblown also protect the nanofiber.
The finer the fiber, the higher the chance that the dust will be intercepted by the fiber.
It will enhance the performance of filter products which are applicable on different fields including industry and consumer sectors.


  • To enhance the filtration efficiency of mechanical interception.
  • Nanofiber has more surface areas due to the unique micro-pore structure; therefore, the particle is easier to be intercepted and filtration efficiency is improved.
  • Take advantage of nanofiber features, it can be developed with unique functionality and create differentiation.
  • Able to reduce the total amount of filter materials used, thus more economical and environmental friendly.
  • With diameter under 300 nm, the specialty of “ultrafine fiber” is fully utilized.
  • Leverage the advantage of “meltblown fiber”, leading to lower pressure drop.


medical mask filter, industrial mask filter and other air filtration.


Technical Data Sheet

  • Air flow rate: 32 lpm
  • Tests performed according to TSI 8130 (0.3μm NaCl particles for testing)