PET Nanofiber

Material Property

Polymer made by “esterification” or “transesterification” and “polycondensation” from raw materials “PTA” or “DMT” and “EG”.
PET fiber, made by spinning, is widely used in the apparel and industrial products. It has very good “setting” performance.
“Polyester yarn” or “Polyester fabric” will become “flat” or “fluffy” or “pleated” after the setting process.
Therefore, it is suitable for the applications on products required setting.
Also its high temperature resistance is particularly suitable for “pleated filter materials”.


  • High Impact Resistance
    Because of “low hygroscopic performance”, its “wet strength” and “dry strength” are basically the same “Impact resistance” is four times higher than “Nylon”.
  • High Temperature Resistance
    Melting point is about 260 degrees and it’s the best in synthetic fibers.
  • High Thermoplasticity
    Its “High Thermoplasticity” is particularly suitable for “pleated filter materials” and can last longer.


Processed medical supplies, auto industry, textile, air and water filter, working apparel, battery separator and waterproof moisture permeable membrane material.


Technical Data Sheet

Filtration Efficiency (%)94.2981.7069.8065.8059.2046.90
Pressure Drop ΔP (mmH2O)

  • Air flow rate: 32 lpm
  • Tests performed according to TSI 8130 (0.3μm NaCl particles for testing)