Static Fabrics and Nanofiber Composites

Material Property

It’s a composite from production of “dry-laid nonwoven fabric” as main substrate together with nanofibers.
Micro dusts can be intercepted by the static electricity of “dry-laid nonwoven fabric” and deposit on the surface of the fibers.
After composition with nanofibers, the filtration efficiency is increased and the filter usage life is extended.
Thicker fibers can be used to form the filters and no need for densification structure.
The filter with fluffy structure can have high filtration efficiency, good breathability and high dust loading capacity.
It’s suitable for the development of air filter with low pressure drop and high capacity of dust loading.


  • Provide progressive filtration and higher capacity of dust loading through the uniqueness of nanofiber.
  • Can be customized for many applications.
  • Low pressure drop, lower energy consumption.


medical mask filter, industrial mask filter and other air filtration.


Technical Data Sheet

  • Air flow rate: 32 lpm
  • Tests performed according to TSI 8130 (0.3μm NaCl particles for testing)