PP Nanofiber

Material Property Nonwoven is made by spun or filament, webbing via air or mechanical. It is then through spunlace, needle punch, or hot rolling reinforcement. Finally it forms the nonwovens materials. It’s soft, breathable and with plane structure. Its advantage is no fibrous debris, strong, durable and silky soft. It’s reinforcement material and the cost[…]

PET Nanofiber

Material Property Polymer made by “esterification” or “transesterification” and “polycondensation” from raw materials “PTA” or “DMT” and “EG”. PET fiber, made by spinning, is widely used in the apparel and industrial products. It has very good “setting” performance. “Polyester yarn” or “Polyester fabric” will become “flat” or “fluffy” or “pleated” after the setting process. Therefore,[…]