September 15, 2017

Nanofiber Introduction

What is Nanofiber?
Nanofiber is a fiber with a diameter of nanometer (nm) size.
1nm nanofiber equals 1 billionth of a meter.

Strong Protection Performance of Nanofiber
With diameter of only 0.2~0.3 micrometers, Nanofiber is able to block PM2.5, Bacteria, mould, and pollen.

Advantages and Characteristics of Nanofiber
Professor Wallace Leung, the authority of nanofiber research from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, indicates that nanofiber has smaller aperture than traditional non-woven fabric.
Interconnected apertures and tight fiber structure form a microvoid structure and tight-knit pores.
High porosity can block ultra fine particles more effectively; it also has low air resistance, high PFE, and good penetrability and breathability; using nanofiber can reduce the amount of filtration materials used and is environmentally friendly.